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1. Provide your input

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  Example of Mouse Gene Set (download)
  Example of Mouse miRNA Set (download)

The computations may take few minutes or more. If you would rather receive by mail the results, please fill in your email adress below.


2. Select search mode

miR2Gene  help
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Gene2Gene help

3. Select search parameters


4. Select databases

 PicTar_4way (PicTar 4)
 PicTar_5way (PicTar 5)
 TargetRank-all (TRnk all)
 TargetRank-conserved (TRnk con)
 TargetScan Conserved (TScan)
 TargetScan Nonconserved (TScan)
 microCosm (mCosm)
 miRanda Conserved (
 miRanda Nonconserved (
 DIANA-microT (microT)
 EIMMO-MirZ (MirZ)
 Map2 (miRNAMap2)

Use recommended sets:

5. Optional Parameters